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Our resident chef Vinnie, has some tips on how to cook that perfect Steak

It starts with the basics!

A good steak can be one of the easiest dishes to cook and get right or one of the easiest dishes to mess up and get wrong!

We all strive to get that “restaurant” quality dish in the comfort of our own home, especially for a celebration meal. However it is worth bearing in mind that restaurants don’t have any particular way of cooking steak or indeed any specialist equipment, the best ones just keep it nice and simple. 

Top of the list of getting it right is your choice of steak, this is not about the “cut” but the quality! You need to start out with good quality meat.

All of our steak is prepared by hand by our butchers here in the shop, all aged by us in our  Himalayan Salt Chamber and we can trace every cut back to the individual animal.

Next to consider is the actual cut you want, so the type of steak. This will be down to your individual preferences on taste and also to a degree how much you wanted to spend. 

Head over to our Beef page which has the cuts listed and also information about each one. 

Are you a steak “snob”?

Next comes the actual cooking of your steak and this is when it gets personal!

We all have very individual ways on how we like our steak, how “rare” or “well done” in fact most of us become steak snobs if we see someone eating it different to us.  But simply there is no right or wrong way on how to eat your steak, its personal preference and its about you enjoying the dish you are eating.

Lets Cook!

The first thing to remember is you should always take your steaks out of the fridge and leave at room temperature for at least 60 mins, this will help the natural fat in the meat to warm slightly and will also stop the meat from getting “shocked” when you start cooking. Shocked meat can toughen up and impair the flavour, think about how tense and shocked our own skin gets when we get in a hot bath or under a hot shower on a cold morning and you get the picture!

All steak can be pan fried, griddled or put under the grill. For the best taste I would recommend using a griddle pan or frying pan if you don’t have one. 

Ensure the pan is smoking hot, season with salt and pepper, and either use butter, dripping, oil or if you prefer you can “dry” fry. 

Is it done yet?

Remember those steak snobs?? Back again! 

This really is all about personal preference, how well you like it cooked, how little you like cooked, how much blood is too much? 

My advice would always be Medium -Rare for every cut except fillet, in which case I would recommend Rare. This will give you the optimum flavour for the steak, however if, like my mom, you prefer it well done….. then cook it and enjoy it!

Once we have cooked it to your preference then you must leave the steak to “rest”. This means you take it off the heat and pop on a warm plate and it will help those muscle fibers relax which will give you a much more succulent and tender steak.

And now it’s time to enjoy with a glass or two of wine!

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