Our Beef.

The finest young Beef sourced locally

All the beef we sell in the shop is aged by us for 28 days under the expert eyes of our master butcher.

Every cut is hand prepared after the aging process before being presented for sale.

T-Bone Steak

The best of both worlds! On one side of the bone you will find sirloin and on the other fillet, this is for the true steak lover and impresses on the BBQ!

Sirloin Steak

 Probably the most popular steak both at home and in the restaurants, this is cut from the middle of the loin and has amazing flavour. 

Rump Steak

As the name suggests it’s cut from the “back end” of the cow which does most the work! Whilst it is not as tender as other cuts, this is a great valus for money steak and is perfect grilled or pan fried.

Ribeye Steak

From the rib of the cow this is also known as “The Chefs Cut” because it has some of the best flavour you can get from steak due to the marbling of the fat.

Fillet Steak

This steak has the least amount of fat due to the fact it is one of the least used muscles in the cow. This cut is really best cooked Rare or Medium Rare and a whole fillet is perfect in that beef wellington.

Steak Mince

All of our mince is prepared by us every single day using 100% Beef. We ensure there is only a small % of fat added (to give some fantastic flavour) so it is perfect for those on a lower fat intake.

Fore Rib of Beef

Sometimes known as the “King of Roasts” this cut comes from the first 5 bones of the rib nearest the head and is perfect for a real Sunday treat. 


A traditional favorite for many years, this cut is the inner muscle of the cows thigh which gives a really tender joint. We prepare all of our topside here and add a small layer of fat on the top to give it that extra flavour.

Short Ribs

Also known as “Jacobs Ladder”, the short ribs come from the brisket, chuck and plate area. These are perfect slow cooked for maximum flavour.

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