Salt Chamber

Introducing our Himalayan Salt Chamber

Salt-aged beef has a special tenderness and depth of flavour that is hard to match.

Protected from pollutants and impurities by nature, the salt remains unrefined, untreated and free of additives.

Reduce Moisture

 Excess moisture is naturally drawn out of our meat through the salty atmosphere created by the bricks.

The air humidity is lowered and the moisture from the beef goes into the air.


Each of the bricks has been hand cut and shipped in especially for us from Pakistan near to the Himalayas.

This creates and anti-microbial environment which allows us to ages the beef for longer and create a deeper flavour


This dry atmosphere that is created by the salt wall promotes a chemical reaction which helps tenderise  the meat.

This gives the beef  a much more succulent flavour.

Simply Stunning

By aging the beef for a minimum of 28 days, under the expert eye of Lee, our master butcher, the results are simply stunning.

The flavour you will taste is only achieved by going through the salt chamber process, and you will not fail to notice your steak tastes truly exquisite.

And finally…. there is no flavour of salt on your steak!

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