We have a great range of Christmas meat for you to choose from.

So Christmas 2021 is already upon us and one thing we can guarantee you is a range and quality of meat that will help you enjoy this festive season.


for collection from 22nd December 2021


All orders require a £20 none refundable deposit, which you can be taken by popping in to make your order or giving us a call on 01625 585059

Bronze Turkey


Our ‘Bronze Free Range Turkeys roam on lush Cheshire grass during the day and are safely tucked up in their barns at night to protect them from any predators. Whilst outside they behave naturally, foraging for food and using sand baths to keep their feathers dry and clean.      

The Bronze breeds are the traditional turkey with an intense flavour which represents the true taste of Christmas.

Turkey Crown


Our free range turkeys are all sourced from the UK and it is a perfect Christmas favorite for those that don’t want the “fuss” of a full Turkey or are looking for a smaller size.

These boneless turkey breasts are perfect for families who prefer breast meat and are easy to carve with minimum waste.  Perfectly moist and succulent

White Turkey


Our ‘White Barn Reared Turkeys’ are kept in spacious pole barns with plenty of ventilation and free roaming space. They are bedded on fresh barley straw and fed a diet of high quality grain which is free of any growth promoting products or antibiotics. This high quality feed is specially developed.

The White’s are a more recent breed with a less intense flavour for those who prefer a more subtle turkey meat taste.

Pigs in Blankets


Is it even Christmas without them?? Without doubt the best in the North West and most likely the UK. Our homemade sausages give these the amazing taste plus we use the finest streaky bacon for that blanket.

Every single one hand rolled (thousands of them!!)

Himalayan Salt Aged Beef.


Looking for an alternative to Turkey? Then how about a Rib of Beef for roasting? 

Sometimes known as the “King of Roasts” this cut comes from the first 5 bones of the rib nearest the head.

 By aging the beef for a minimum of 28 days, under the expert eye of Lee, our master butcher, the results are simply stunning.

The flavour you will taste is only achieved by going through the salt chamber process, and you will not fail to notice your steak tastes truly exquisite.


Gammon Joint


Another Christmas favorite is the Gammon or Ham joint. 

Everyone has their own way of cooking it, from a handed down family recipe to a “celeb” chef special. However keep your eyes out as we head into December for our secret recipe for an easy and fuss free joint

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