Our Lamb.

Succulent Lamb sourced locally

We have a wide range of lamb cuts, from roasting joints to chops and steaks. 

We hand cut from whole lambs here in the store to ensure the quality is always perfect.

Leg of Lamb

The is the perfect cut for a classic roast lamb dish. Leg of lamb on the bone is tender, delicious, and whilst a whole leg will feed a larger family, we are happy to cut down to the “knuckle” half or “fillet” half for a smaller portion.

Lamb Steaks

Sometimes known as “Gigot” steaks, these are centre cut from the lambs leg and are perfect to cook just like a traditional beef steak.

Shoulder of Lamb

This is one of the perfect cuts for slow cooking,  it just simply needs low slow heat to bring out its rich and rounded depth of flavour.


Lamb Loin Chops

These bone in chops are the “T-bone” of the lamb! They contain the top loin and the tenderloin with the flank removed giving them a tender and juicy flavour. 

Lamb Cutlets

These are the traditional “lamb chops” and are sliced from the rack. These are tender and full of flavour and cook in minutes. We can also sell these as a full rack, prepared and ready to cook and serve whole. 

Lambs Liver

A very popular part of the lamb, this has a milder flavor to calves or ox liver and is perfect pan fried traditionally or made into your own Pate. 

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