Our Pork.

Our Pork is carefully selected so you get the fullest flavour

We have delivery throughout the week of full and half pigs to ensure we serve you the very best pork.

Hand prepared by our master butchers.

Pork Chops

The bone-in chops come from the rib section of the pork loin. With a generous marbling as well as the thick strip of tasty fat along the rim, it makes for a chop that is juicy and moist.

Leg of Pork

A perfect roasting joint, we can sell these either bone in or bone out. This is a plentiful cut and when cooked to perfection is not only flavoursome but it also has that crispy crackling!

Pork Fillet

Also known as tenderloin, this is the most tender of all the cuts, sliced into medallions or stuff and cooked in the oven, it is a versatile cut that is very low in fat.

Unsmoked Back Bacon

Our back bacon is cured by our butchers here in the store, we use a secret recipe on the full loins and let them mature for a minimum of 7 days to give a really robust flavour.

Pork Sausages.

It’s true what you have heard, we have the best sausage in Cheshire (at the very least!) Hand made by our butchers to a traditional recipe and method, these Pork sausages are a best seller. We also have a traditional Cumberland and our tasty Pork and Leek, again all made in the traditional way. 

Gammon Steaks

Our steaks are cut here in the store from unsmoked gammon joints that have been dry cured. 


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