Our resident chef Vinnie, has shared another of his mouthwatering recipes below, and this one is Multi Meat Pie derived from a traditional Canadian recipe

This dish is something we used to make towards the end of the week in R.A.F messes (restaurants!) it does take a bit of prep, but you can effectively use any fresh meat you have leftover and put it to great use and it is effectively a whole meal in one dish.


    • 900g boneless chicken thighs, diced.
    • 900g beef  stewing steak, diced
    • 900g pork fillet, diced
    • 4 onions, chopped
    • 115g sliced ham
    • 350g potatoes, peeled, diced
    • 1 teaspoon salt
    • 1/2 teaspoon ground black pepper
    • 450ml chicken stock
    • 500g short crust pastry (ready made or homemade)
  1. Place the chicken, beef and pork in a large bowl. Stir in onions. Cover and refrigerate overnight. 
  2.  Using a 3 litre ovenproof dish (with a lid) arrange the ham evenly in the bottom.  
  3. Then layer with one-third of the meat mixture and one-third of the potatoes; season with salt and pepper.
  4. Roll out half of the pastry a little bit thicker than for a normal pastry case and arrange on the potato layer, cutting a small hole in the middle.
  5. Repeat with 2 more layers each of meat mix and potatoes, seasoned with salt and pepper.
  6. Cover with remaining pastry and cut a small hole in the middle of that layer too. Slowly add enough chicken stock through the hole until liquid appears. Cover dish.
  7. Bake at 200 C / Gas 6 for 45 minutes or until liquid simmers. Reduce temperature to 120 C / Gas 1/2. Bake for 5 to 6 hours more or until top crust is a rich golden brown.

Chefs Tips

If you don’t have time or forget to leave the meat mix in the fridge overnight then simply pan fry all the meat and onion together for 5 or 6 mins to help the flavors infuse.

You can omit the inside layer of Pastry if you prefer a lighter dish.

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