T'is the season to be jolly....(or to panic over the turkey!).
We can help take the stress out of the festive meal with our advice and tips.

baileys turkey 4

First rule is to remember Christmas day should be fun! But we know how stressful preparing the biggest meal of the year can be.

You would be surprised but a lot of people cooking the Turkey only do a roast once a year, so no wonder its a bit out of the comfort zone.

Preparation is key, and the first thing you need to do is choose your bird. (another stressful chore as well)

All our Turkey is Free Range and we have have been using the same supplier for many years so have complete trust in the quality and taste.

SIZE MATTERS when it come to the Turkey, so how much is too much? How much is not enough? Oh and will it fit in your oven??

Well a good rule of thumb is 1kg (or 1.1lbs for us old school) per person, if you are only having Turkey. Now this sounds a lot but we do tend to eat more on the day, plus you absolutely need those leftovers for curry the rest of the week.

So you are looking at:

* 2-2.5kg serves 4-6
*3kg serves 6-7
*3.5kg serves 7-8
*4-4.5kg serves 8-10
*5-5.5kg serves 10-12
*6-6.5kg serves 12-15

For those of you that prefer, its 2.2lbs to 1 kg.

turkey dec

turkey crown

Thinking of going all royal and getting a crown?

Years ago these "easy to carve" turkeys were nothing more than processed meat rolled and had more water than flavour, however as you can see today that is not the case.

Our crowns have been boned and rolled for ease of cooking and serving but retain all the flavour you love in a full Turkey.

If you want to have a bit of an easier day, or you are just not confident in carving then these are for you.